Freeland Bio (90% arabica - 10% robust)

Freeland Bio (90% arabica - 10% robust)

Freeland Bio in wheat in packs of 250g tin ( 90 % Arabica - 10 % robust).

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Bio. With love

Healthy and Natural coffee, in defense of the producers of the first material.

In the production of this coffee are not used artificial chemicals.
Certification begins with the verification of the producers and the control that they follow all the regulations.
In addition to the certificates accompanying the goods we guarantee the quality conducting further analysis to the raw product and the final.
The same coffee is stored in dedicated zone and processing (roasting and packaging) takes place on specific days after all the machinery used in the process have been cleaned.

The Mokafe is proud to offer its customers a product whose quality is guaranteed by the double certification organic and Fairtrade.
In the interest of the producers of the raw material.

The FAIRTRADE Certification International brand is the most recognized brand in the world of ethics.
Its mission is to support the most disadvantaged workers in developing countries, enabling them to enter the trading system in terms of transparency and fairness to improve their living conditions. The FAIRTRADE Mark ensures that products with its symbol has been made respecting the rights of farmers and workers in Asia, Africa, Latin America and have been purchased according to the criteria of fair trade.
Fairtrade guarantees a fair and stable price for producers in developing countries (Fairtrade Minimum Price) and an additional margin to invest in social and health projects for communities (Fairtrade premium). It also ensures respect for the environment, biodiversity and promote sustainable agricultural practices. (Fairtrade certification, after that of the biological, is the most stringent in terms of environmental protection).